GPS Tracking Solutions

Master Route is a leading dealer and distributer of commercial and industrial grade GPS asset tracking and commercial/industrial monitoring solutions.  

As you look to reduce your operating expenses,  improving your fleet operations should be a top priority.

When you can’t monitor what is going on out in the field, it’s difficult to address speeding offenders or have onformation about accident claims.  Our solution easily track and manage assets through secure, scalable, web-based portal with your company name and logo.

Select your industry to learn how we can help you reduce costs and improve safety: 

Master Route systems products address the ever growing number of tracking and monitoring applications for:


Vehicles, trucks, construction equipment, generators, containers, trailers, aviation, marine vessels and even motorcycles.

Master Route products are also monitor:

Building Automation & Management

Industrial Process & Plant Control

Utility & Environmental Services

Oil & Gas Field Services

Thank you for your interest in our products.  Contact us to evaluate how we can help you with the right solution.