Trucking Fleet Tracking

Electronic Onboard Recorder or EOBR is a general term used in the industry onboard types of logging devices. The FMCSA now refers to them as automatic on-board recording devices or electronic logging devices (ELD).  Whether you say EOBR or ELD, a GPS tracking based telematics solution is an essential tool for any long haul trucking company. 

Telematics provides:

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the latest technology systems and software allows you to automate hours of service (HOS) logging, driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR) and file with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and the International Registration Plan (IRP) Reporting.

GPS for Trucking

At Master Route, we carry telematics solutions to automate HOS driver logging, DVIR, IFTA and IRP reporting for a robust FMCSA compliance solution with onboard real-time driver coaching and video survellience.

The right solution can mean the difference between a solid bottom line and bankruptcy.

At Master Route, our goal is to be a valuable partner for your business needs by providing cost effective solutions that improve your bottom line.

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