Construction Vehicle and Equipment Tracking and Monitoring

GPS for ConstructionNothing shuts down a construction job faster than not knowing the location of crews and equipment.

That's why GPS tracking has become an essential tool for construction companies who are looking for tighter controls over the use and whereabouts of vehicles and assets. Whether you work in a metropolitan city or in the remote areas of Alaska, we have cell and satellite based systems to keep track of your trucks and equipment.

• Know where vehicles and traffic control equipment are ALL of the time;
• Reports speeding for improved on-the-job safety;
• You’ll know how your employees are driving;
• Track all equipment in trucks or yard using our GPS or RFID asset management products;
• Sends an alert when unauthorized use of vehicles or equipment is detected;
• Notifies when to schedule maintenance on vehicles and equipment;
• Standard features include directional status, location, speed, idle and stop duration;
• Access from your laptop, tablet or Smartphone;

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