About Master Route

Established in 2012, Master Route is a distributor and dealer of commercial and industrial grade GPS fleet tracking and commercial/industrial monitoring solutions. Our systems are unique and flexible products that address the ever growing number of tracking and monitoring applications. Master Route sells and distributes commercial and industrial grade global positioning systems (GPS) fleet tracking and machine to machine (M2M) monitoring solutions for businesses looking to cut cost. Our products provide the information needed to gain tighter business control for improved efficiency.   

Allan Hansen

Allan Hansen is President of Master Route. Mr. Hansen has an extensive background in business development, programs management, managing business relationships in local markets and Fortune 500 accounts from his 32 years at IBM Corporation and from his own business enterprises. He holds a BA in Organizational Management and Communications from Concordia University and a MBA from the University of St. Thomas, College of Business.

Larry Colvin

Larry Colvin is Director of Business Development for MasterRoute.  Mr. Larry Colvin has over twenty years as a sales industry expert and business owner, including thirteen years experience in the wireless communications industry, specializing in telecommunication, data and GPS tracking systems.  Mr. Colvin has owned and operated an independent consulting company working directly with businesses to identify and accommodate existing and potential future wireless needs. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Northeastern University Chicago and a Master of Arts from Northern Illinois University.

Henry Menendez

Henry Menendez is our Information Technology Manager. Mr. Menendez is a dedicated technical support and project manager with 24+ years of experience supporting major financial institutions. He is an experienced leader of large IT organization’s compliance/audits, change control, disaster recovery, reporting, and project management in international organizations.  Mr. Menendez has a track record of reengineering processes and systems to maximize efficiency and cost-savings, maintaining high client expectations, and innovating new ideas that become future standards.