What is GPS Tracking?
07-17-2013 at 08:47 AM
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What is GPS Tracking?
GPS tracking systems provide real time information on where your vehicles and equipment are located at any given time so you can manage vehicles and equipment with greater efficiency. The installation of a GPS tracking device on vehicles and equipment can optimize company vehicles and equipment and improve employee productivity to reduce operating costs and increase revenue.

How Fleet GPS Works
The basic components of a GPS system consists of software application and devices that are mounted in the vehicles and equipment.  The system generally functions by sending and receiving signals from each of the devices to and from a GPS satellite. These signals provide vehicle tracking with accuracy of location normally within just a few yards.  This data is communicated via the cell phone or over the satellite communications network to the end user terminal or smartphone. The software then interprets the data to provide a broad range of reports. 

Options available with most systems include driver communication with either text, voice, or both and sensors that can monitor everything from engine performance to seatbelt use and much more.  Electronic onboard recording (EOBR) devices can also be added to help with all sorts of mandatory governmental reporting.
Once installed, a GPS device and the associated software offer a wide variety of features from the ability to monitor by mileage, location, speed and stops plus provide hours on a job site that is used to validate employee time and improve billing accuracy. By every business metric, a GPS system is a valuable tool for increasing the bottom line.

Why Track Your Vehicles and Assets with GPS?
Every industry is different in its needs but any industry that utilizes vehicles has a vested interest in knowing where their vehicles are at all times. In addition, a GPS tracking device can reduce or eliminate unnecessary or unauthorized use and can aid in the retrieval of stolen vehicles. A GPS system is particularly useful to the following industries:


Now business can track asset activities and expenses to help better manage assets, streamline operations, save expenses and increase revenue. For additional information (or for a demo), contact us at (855) 44ROUTE (447-6883), email info@masterroute.com or Click Here.

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