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Thank you! Since the install, we noticed our workers taking long lunches, stopping at their own houses while on the clock and not documenting the time to/from a job site.

- O.S., Landscape Gardener

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Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems


Our products are used to monitor:

Our Solutions Have Proven Results

We search our list of suppliers to make sure the solution we recommend meets your specific needs.  Every Master Route solution improves fleet efficiency by providing real-time visibility to any location while simplifying operations. 

It’s More Than Just Fleet Tracking

It’s the Internet of Everything (IoE) essential business tool.

Each of our solutions provides you with the capability to,

But don’t just listen to us. See for yourself. We'll ship a test unit to you that simply plugs into the vehicle so you can see your real time data and reports. Using the test unit is absolutely free.

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Do you suspect employees waste some amount of time each week? 

Our systems provide real-time data and reports that provide you with the information needed to manage your vehicles and equipment more efficiently. Every Master Route solution improves fleet efficiency and eliminates not knowing where your employees are located throughout the day by providing real-time visibility with reports that show the time spent at any location leading to lower fuel and labor costs while simplifying operations.

We Listen

We are able to provide the right solution based on your requirements. We listen to you to determine the best solution for your specific needs. Our solutions automate processes, improve efficiency, and allow you to track your vehicle fleet from web enabled devices. We also provide integration services to simplify the adoption of technology into your existing back office processes.

About Us

Master Route is a leading dealer and distributor of commercial and industrial grade systems that address the ever growing demands of tracking and monitoring applications for fixed or mobile assets.

We have advanced commercial/industrial monitoring solutions and tracking systems for construction, transportation, short and long haul trucking and delivery, and service companies.

We'll customize solutions through our integration partnerships to fit any application. For larger accounts, we offer a white label for your tracking and monitoring application interface.

Master Route systems help you manage your assets more efficiently.